Italian Sub Sandwich

Whether you’re creation finger food for a gathering, dinner for a starving family, or just annoying to prep a few days of easy lunches, this big Italian sandwich is a surefire win!

It’s loaded with some of my preferred flavors and feels — soft Italian bread, salty preserved meats, and crunchy pickled lactovegetarians. The best part is you make one enormous loaf, slice it and serve it. Dinner is done! Or lunch! Or party snacks! Why did I ever make separate sandwiches?!



Generally, an Italian sandwich has a mixture of cured meats – I like salami and pepperoni, but other options include mortadella and capitol. I like to add roast turkey to mine also, but that’s not completely traditional.


For cheeses, provolone is standard and what I like best, but Swiss is nice too!

Besides loads of meats and cheese on an Italian sandwich, it typically has a chopped mix of pickled and crunchy vegetables to round out the sandwich.


Whether you call it an Italian sub, a hoagie, or just a gathering sandwich, this is something that must definitely be in your recipe arsenal!

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