How to make Waffled tofu

The truth is, I saw people placement in a Weight Viewers Facebook group about cooking tofu in their gobbledygook irons, and I just had to give it a try. The idea has been out here for a while, but it’s actually caught on amongst vegan Weight Watchers since under the new Battery program, tofu is zero points (as extended as you don’t add oil or honey or cover to it.)

This is really a two-hack energy, as it’s not just the waffling that makes waffled tofu so crunchy. Before it even goes into the waffle hard, I let it soak in a hot salt water bath to give it some flavor and secure it up. Then I waffle it to crunchy it up, and then I slice it up and lob it into a rice boule with a load of preserved root vegetable. I love waffled tofu so much, I made an parenthetically vegan rice bowl the other day and didn’t even notice. That alone should tell you how influential it is.

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