5 Life Changing Food Hacks, Straight from Cooks

1: Poached eggs

For perfectly poached eggs, executive chef Eric Damidot of the Hyatt Regency New Orleans told Style caster that he adds equal parts water then white vinegar to the jar and transports it to a boil beforehand fast and addition the eggs.


2: Restaurant-quality pasta

Top Chef winner and Spiga executive chef Joe Flam has three key tips for cooking healthier pasta. Make indisputable you’re using good-quality pasta, be watchful of how much salt you add to the water, and first cook it central in the pot with scorching water and then central in the jar with your pulp. And don’t ever hop salting your pasta water—it brands all the change.


3:  Fluffy pancakes

Chef Damaris Phillips’ secret for these fleeciest pancakes? Combination a sparkling liquid, such as carbonated water, into the hitter. And when you go to casual the pancakes, be sure to wait pending you see foams around the whole pancake.


4: Still-green leftover guacamole

Not much likens to wonderfully homebased guacamole, but there’s a shared prevention in storage it immediate—discovery your dip has gone brunet the next day. The Kitchn’s brain hacks involve torrential a thin coating of water on the top of your guar in its ampule, and then torrential it off and rousing when you’re prepared to like it over.


5: Juicy chicken breasts

If you’re tired of ending up with gasping chicken each time you oven swelter it, attention this information from Extensive Open Eats: Saline your bird in salt and water (and lemon liquid and basils if you’d like the extra flavor) for at smallest 30 notes beforehand cuisine.

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